U-verse TV

AT&T U-verse TV is the latest competitor in many areas to traditional cable TV. Satellite TV players like Direct TV and Dish Network are also taking note of U-verse TV services, and responding to the latest competitive threat. So is U-verse TV right for you? Let’s take a look at what AT&T is offering now in many areas of the country when it comes to video service.

U-verse TV is similar to may cable and satellite television packages in that you can start off with a fairly basic bundle if that meets your needs, or move up to one of the higher tiers if you are wanting hundreds of audio and video channels. All of the packages include your local channels, and many include the 100% commercial free music channels that have become popular with homeowners.

AT&T is making U-verse TV easy to try for the customer. Right now if U-verse TV is available in your area, you can get free installation of the service. In addition, there are quite a few U-verse deals out there designed to entice you into trying the service. Most of these offer you a set amount of cash back such as $100 or $200 back depending on the service you order and also how you order the service. One tip is to order your U-verse TV service online, as usually this is where the best promotions are to be found.

So what exactly can you expect from the Uverse TV bundles, and how do they stack up price wise with cable TV?

U-verse bundles are available under numbers that generally equal the number of channels in the package. These are the U-verse U100, the U200, the U300 and the U450. As you have probably figured out by now, the U100 is similar to something like basic cable, while the U450 is an all inclusive package like the DIRECTV Premier package.

Now of course AT&T doesn’t want you to just get their TV service, so they bundle the U-verse TV services along with high speed internet and telephone service. These packages fall under the Uverse Double pack and U-verse Triple pack headings. Of course you will generally find lower prices when you bundle multiple products, so it makes sense to check out the pricing for these U-verse bundles if you are in the market for other services besides cable TV.

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