U-verse Telephone Service

U-verse telephone service is the solution for all of you home phone needs. While many have dropped their home phone connection and have begun to rely strictly on cell phone service, a better choice is U-verse telephone. You can expect the same reliable telephone service that you have enjoyed from your local phone company for years.

U-verse phone service can be bundled of course with both the Advanced TV option and the U-verse high speed internet service. In addition, new features have been deployed with this technology that you can’t get with traditional phone service. For example, U-verse Messaging is a new feature that combines your home phone and AT&T wireless mailbox. You can access messages left at either number from any phone or personal computer. Broadcast voice messages is a feature that allows you to build a list of contacts that use U-verse telephone, then deploy a message to everyone at one time. ¬† Another U-verse feature, Call History, presents a list of your calls on either your television or PC for easy access.

In addition, U-verse telephone offers all of the traditional calling features that you have grown accustomed to using.  Here are just a few of these calling features:

Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting ID
Caller ID
Call Return
Repeat Dialing
Selective Call Acceptance
Exclusive Call Forwarding
Call Rejection
Call Screen
Anonymous Call Rejection
Caller ID Block
Voice Mail
Advanced Features
Do Not Disturb
Locate Me
Web access
Safe Call Forwarding
Battery Backup

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