U-verse Internet

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet is the latest and greatest service for those who need a reliable, always on connection to the world wide web. With U-verse internet, you can safely surf the web from all of your desktop and laptop computers at speeds up to 24 Mbps.

So why should you consider U-verse internet service? Basically, with this service you will find speeds that far exceed traditional DSL connections, and match or exceed the high speed cable connections offered by cable companies like Comcast/Xfinity and Time Warner. When you pair your U-verse high speed internet with U-verse TV you also receive bundled savings from AT&T as well.  You can also add U-verse voice service to your setup and match the triple play bundles that are offered by cable television companies across the United States.

U-verse internet service is delivered over the same line that will bring you the AT&T TV service and the home phone line.  Unfortunately, it is not available everywhere that AT&T does business, but because they are continuing to build out the Uverse product more homes and businesses can now get the higher speeds offered with U-verse.  Five different speeds are now available, starting at the 3 Mbps level for U-verse Pro, and moving up to the 24 Mbps service called Max Turbo.  In the future it is quite possible that speeds will increase further, making it even easier to download movies and music.  Those who telecommute to work will also appreciate the increased speeds that U-verse internet offers to residential customers.

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