Columbus Ohio AT&T U-verse Review

by Michael on April 30, 2010

Thanks to Patricia for this review of AT&T U-verse:

On Monday, 4/19, AT&T showed up on time to install my AT&T U-verse, cable, and
telephone service. While the installer worked quickly and seemed to know what he
was doing, he was constantly sending and receiving text messages the entire time he
was there. His training of me was to show me how to turn the TV on and off and how
to record shows. He also showed me where the menu option was and told me I could
figure out everything else from that.

He assured me that he had not done anything that would affect my home security
system, and that I would still operate my e-mail just as I had before. I asked him
to try calling my home phone from his cell before he left, to ensure that it was
working. In fact, it wouldn’t ring in. He told me that was normal and it would
probably be one-half hour before anyone could call me.

Immediately after he left, I tried to e-mail a friend with my new e-mail address,
only to discover that it wasn’t working. Fortunately, the installer was still
parked in my driveway, so I was able to drag him back into the house. He spent less
than five minutes trying to fix it. Told me to go to, and my e-mail
was there. He said if I wanted to use Outlook Express, to call AT&T and one of
their tech people would help me set it up. With that, he was gone.

When I ordered this service, I was assured that my e-mail would not change. The
salesperson also told me that the average cost for rental of newly released movies
was between $1.99-$3.99. They, in fact, average much higher and are more expensive
than my previous service.

I spent the next hour and a half on the phone trying to get help from AT&T in
their phone tree from hell. When I finally got a live person on the phone, she told
me it normally takes at least ten hours for anyone to be able to call in after
installation. Having had AT&T before the new services were added, I don’t
understand this interruption to my service. In fact, it was the next day,
mid-morning, before anyone could call in. No one at AT&T warned me of this
inconvenience when I was signing up for the service or during installation.

She then passed me on to technical support for help with getting my e-mail working.
It was very difficult to understand the person I was speaking with, but I did
clearly hear him tell me three times that I would have to pay for help from them -
asked to speak with a supervisor, he argued with me and finally hung up on me. I
eventually called Microsoft, signed up for their one-year service plan, and
Microsoft fixed my computer and my e-mail.

Finally, I was awakened by my home security system which was not working correctly.
I had to have someone from the security system come out to repair what AT&T did to
the system. The security repair person told me it was something AT&T should have
reconnected while they were doing the installation.

So, to sum it up, the bargain AT&T offered me for a year has cost me the fees to
Microsoft and my security company to fix what AT&T should have done during the
installation. It has also cost me the aggravation of spending way too much time on
the phone trying unsuccessfully to get help from AT&T, and more time off work for
the security company to repair my alarm system. AT&T assured me that my e-mail
wouldn’t change, that the cost of movies was less than my current service, that
there would be no impact to my security system, and that the installer would take
all of the time I needed to make sure I knew how everything worked – all false.
Sales of their U-verse packages is a priority for AT&T – customer service is not. I
hope and pray nothing happens to my system (TV, Internet, phone) as I have
absolutely no faith in ever being able to reach anyone who can help me. Or, if I do
succeed in getting a human being on the phone, I better have my
credit card out and be ready to pay for the help.

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Ernest & kimberly johnson January 29, 2011 at 3:28 am

A worker in the area disconnected my uverse for 3 days. After contacting ATT and speking with Jake (supv), #je412u, Tina (supv), kf090d, & Ms Hall (#122), Dallas office, These are the RUDEST & NOT CARING PEOPLE, in the customer service field I ever encountered. It took me 3 days before my services was restored. How awful:-)!! After the Tech Juan came out and couldn’t fix it so he immediately contacted his supv Angela- who made it happened:-)!! How happy ?I was 3 days later to finally get my service restored.
These 3 supv can learn alot from Angela. Please contact me so that i can discuss the $5 a day inconvenience fee. Please contact me @ ph # 708.205.—-

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