U-verse Review Birmingham Alabama

by Michael on November 4, 2009

Thanks to Richard in Alabama for this new U-verse review….
I had just upgraded my Charter service and was still on the trial period, 30 days, when I called the AT&T Uverse reps to see if they couldn’t offer me a better deal. In fact, when I was speaking to the AT&T rep I read the Charter flyer to them to ensure that they knew exactly what I had so that they could tell me if they could beat it; basically it was a two year commitment and I received the HD channels, most of the movie channels, telephone, and internet for about 144 a month. Naturally, or I wouldn’t be writing this, AT&T said they had a “slightly” better deal. For about 138, don’t remember the exact amount, a month they could offer the same thing and there was no contract. Great! So I took the deal and planed to have it installed before my 30 day trial period was up with Charter so that I wouldn’t loose service; I don’t make the rules, I just play by them.

About one month later the install guy shows up right on time. Short intermission here; as this guy was running around the house I asked him about how exactly the service would work and he explained that it all basically went through the phone lines; That equates to one (1), very small, twisted pair. Now I’ve been out of communications for a few years, but not too long ago those two wires were not an acceptable medium for that much bandwidth but I thought, “I guess things have changed”. Well, judging by the complaints, I guess they haven’t; intermission over. So after a little while the install guy told me I didn’t have a phone line that’s active which comes into the house. So I went outside, found the line and showed him where it came in. From there, he did fine. Everything got installed. Also, and this is important, several times during the install I asked him to ensure that the plan I was supposed to get was what I was getting and he kept telling me that everything would be OK and he would check as soon as he was finished.

Hours later he was finished. He checked everything and showed me the basics of using the system; seemed like everything worked fine. Then, and this is weird, he told me that I didn’t have HD or any of the movie channels but went on to explain that he was sure that it would resolved by the company. He told me that he would call them but it would be much better if I called them and not to be afraid to get upset. I said OK, knowing that any reputable company would live up to their agreement, and called as he was walking out.

When I “finally” got the complaint dept on the phone, I was transferred three times, they told me that they could not live up to that deal. It was as if they had never made it in the first place. Of course, and I know some of you are thinking this, I went to my email and looked for the confirmation for the install, but it said nothing about what we had agreed to. So I told them to cancel my order and return my system to the way it was and come get their stuff. They told me that unluckily they don’t do reverse installs I would have to call Charter and that I had to take their equipment, which I’m not signed for, to the Fed-ex to have it returned; we’ll see if that happens.

Anyway, luckily for me, I know a little something about communications and was able to reconfigure my service and put it back the way it was with charter without calling them; if you get UVerse be careful that’s all I’m saying.

Richard (Birmingham AL)

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