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Whether you are already a U-verse customer, or considering this new service as an alternative to cable or satellite TV, we have plenty of helpful information to help you out as a consumer.

For the latest on what is going on with U-verse, feel free to either check out the AT&T U-verse blog, or search or site for the specific information you are looking for. So what exactly is U-verse, and why is it quickly becoming the communication service of choice? Basically, it is a telco based voice, video, and internet bundle which is delivered over the AT&T network to your home or apartment. AT&T upgrades cities and neighborhoods individually with the fiber technology for U-verse.

Unfortunately, this means playing the waiting game for many customers who would love to have U-verse service. Customers of Verizon are playing the same waiting game in many areas, waiting for FiOS service to be deployed. The good news is that AT&T is investing billions of dollars to get U-verse packages out to their customer base. This is based on the idea that they must have the triple play bundle in order to compete with various cable TV companies like Comcast and Time Warner that serve the same areas as AT&T.

Now if U-verse isn’t available in your area yet, you still can get a triple play bundle, but the video portion will be from DIRECTV satellite instead of from AT&T directly. While not a perfect solution, it still helps the customer in getting all of their communication services billed on one invoice each month.

So where exactly is U-verse available? Well of course you have to have AT&T as the local phone company serving your area to even have a shot at U-verse service. Currently, AT&T has a presence in the following states, although they do not necessarily serve these states in their entirety:












North Carolina



South Carolina




Basically, AT&T now covers three of the former Baby Bell territories, those of Southwestern Bell, Ameritech, and Bell South. The other major bell carriers still in operation are Verizon, with a strong presence in the Northeastern part of the United States, and Qwest, which covers much of the Western US. If Verizon or Qwest are your local carrier, you are out of luck in trying to get U-verse service.

So why should you consider a U-verse bundle for your home? Well as mentioned earlier, getting service in this way through AT&T can potentially save you time and money. With one provider for your home telephone, your high speed internet, and your video service, you don’t have to mess with multiple providers. You only have to pay one provider each month, and you only have to deal with one company when you have a problem. Add to the mix that AT&T Wireless is one of the two largest cell phone companies in America, and you may even want to have all of your services with one company.

Another reason you should consider U-verse is quality of the content.  U-verse TV offers more than a hundred HD channels, and the Total Home DVR is probably the most advanced digital recording unit available out there today. Add to that the U-verse internet package which offers downloads speeds up to 18 Mbps, and its difficult to find a provider out there today that can offer better communcation services.

On the other hand, you do need to weigh all of your options, especially when considering the TV portion of the U-verse bundle. AT&T has entered an extremely competitive market and satellite TV companies like Dish Network and Direct TV aren’t going to stand by quietly and watch their customers leave. The same holds true for cable television companies, which can also offer their own triple-play packages to compete with U-verse. We have looked at some of the pros, so lets consider what may be some of the cons of U-verse.

Most customer reviews for U-verse have been positve, but like any service there are issues and bugs that can come up. Many have complained that the time it takes to install U-verse is excessive, and that once it is installed something doesn’t work right. One thing to consider is that this is a new service, even in areas where it was first deployed it has only been around a few years. That means even experienced technicians are trying to troubleshoot a technology that is new in their minds.

Of course that does not mean you should dismiss U-verse just because it is new. Because U-verse is new it offers some of the best technology has to offer, like the Total Home DVR. Cable television and satellite TV were new at one point as well, but now that they have been around for decades service and installation are usually quite simple. This is just a reminder that a little patience may be in order if you are a new U-verse customer, and especially so if it is brand new to your area.

Another possible downside is the loss of all of your services at the same time. Because AT&T U-verse comes in to your home on a copper line, if that line breaks somewhere you could lose your home phone, internet connection, and television service all at a moments notice. This of course is also possible with a triple play bundle of service from any cable company like Comcast as well. Really the only way to prevent something like this is to have satellite TV an then a different provider for your home phone and internet.

Overall, AT&T U-verse is like most video services. Great when it is working correctly, and a headache for you and your family when it is out of service. It definitely offers a viable alternative to the old school cable companies, and newer players like Dish Network and DIRECTV. We invite you to spend a little time here to get the full scoop on U-verse.

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